External confidential counselor

Appointing an external confidential counselor can contribute to making undesirable behavior and integrity violations more easily negotiable, and therefore contributes to the obligations that rest on an employer based on the 'Arbeidsomstandighedenwet' (Working Conditions Act) and the 'Wet Huis voor Klokkenluiders' (Whistleblowers Act).

Freek Walther almost always carries out these activities from the bureau 'De Vertrouwenspersoon', of which he is co-owner and board member. You can contact 'De Vertrouwenspersoon' directly, but of course also via the contact form on this site.

Complaint and integrity investigation

In serious cases, and when informal solutions such as mediation have not led to the desired result, a formal complaint or reporting investigation is sometimes unavoidable. Prior to that, however, it is necessary to answer the question of whether lighter solutions could also lead to a satisfying result ('subsidiarity') and, subsequently, the question of how the investigation can be organized in the lightest and least drastic way for those involved (' proportionality'). If these questions are not addressed carefully, there is a risk that personal data will be processed without valid reason. This is not only potentially harmful, but also prohibited under the 'AVG' and the 'Privacygedragscode', with which private researchers must comply.

This results in the relatively new insight that in many cases conducting complaints and integrity investigations within organizations must be regarded as a special form of corporate private investigation.

Freek Walther has approximately 20 years of experience as a complaint investigator or member of complaints committees, currently including the National Complaints Committee for Undesirable Behavior of the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG). On the basis of this experience, he can provide you with expert advice on when a formal investigation should be carried out and when (definitely) not.

Freek Walther is currently carrying out these activities from the bureau De Vertrouwenspersoon. He is also co-founder of Intagros, a private investigation agency that will be active in the areas of undesirable behavior and integrity. This agency will become active as soon as the required permits and consents, including by the Ministry of Justice and Security, have been issued.

Freek Walther